Would you like to see your pets in a calendar?
I am looking for 12 different models (Cats, dogs or other pets) to create a calendar that will be available for the year 2023 and at the same time, raise funds for a local shelter. Immortalize beautiful moments of your fur babies while contributing to a good cause.
The calendar will be of the same type as the one displayed below and the paper used will be of high quality to appreciate the beauty of each photo. The price of the calendar is yet to be determined depending on the quantity of calendars ordered, but will probably be between $30 and $40.

Here's the details:

• The session fee is $120 (Normally $150) and 50% of that fee will be donated to the S.P.C.A de l'Outaouais to help animals in need.
• Every 2 weeks starting May 8, pet PAWrents with pets of a certain size will be able to enter. Three pets will be chosen every 2 weeks until July 3, for a total of 12 pets to complete the calendar.
• PAWrents with multiple pets of a certain size can also register. (Fees apply for a session with more than 3 pets)
• If your pets are not chosen for the calendar, you can still take advantage of the discount to book a session for your pets. 50% of your session fee will also be donated to the S.P.C.A.
*No digital photos or printed products included in the session fee.
Register any sized pets from June 20th to July 1st inclusively (Dogs, cats, ferrets, horses, bunnies etc.)
How to register your pets:
You just have to fill in the form by pressing the button below and the chosen pets will be revealed every 2 weeks.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
I will contact the PAWrents of the selected models by email and also those who wish to book a session.
• Sessions for animals selected for the calendar must be held before October 1.
• No digital images or printed products included in the session fee.
• A non-refundable session fee of $120 is required to proceed with the session.
• I will contact the PAWrents of the chosen models and also those who wish to book a session.
• The form must be completed in full.​​​​​​​
• The sessions are held in the Gatineau/Ottawa region.
Visit the S.P.C.A de l'Outaouais website with the link below to learn more about their mission, their services and/or to make a donation directly to them.
Carlos A.Miljour Photographe Animalier | 819-743-5637 | Gatineau-Ottawa | carlos@carlosamiljour.com