About Me

About Me

Pets have been part of my life since I was a toddler, from cats, dogs and lizards. They have been such an important part of my life and that’s why each year I donate a part of my profits to a local pet shelter to help out as much as I can, so they can have the best life they truly deserve.

That crazy love for pets and my strong passion for photography has led me to offering unique portraits of fur babies around Gatineau, Ottawa and beyond. Throughout the years I have mastered my craft by taking various pet photography and retouching specialized classes and also by self-learning which led to creating my own unique style. Since then, I’ve been internationally awarded multiple times, published all around Canada and have been a speaker to share my passion with a local photography club.

People generally describe me as being friendly, down to earth, and with a great sense of humor. 

Hey, I’m Carlos!

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I know your pets mean the world to you, I really do. 


Yes, I am a crazy cat guy! 

My two faves in one image

Dogs are my favorite kind of person

Health & fitness - My second passion

Mi familia!

My first language is French, but I am also fluent in English (With a slight accent) and not so fluent in Spanish, but I do kind of get around. 

I love traveling and my dream would be to photograph pets all around the world. (Who knows, maybe one day!)

I am and have been a fitness enthusiast for more than 20 years. I’m also a certified personal trainer, but decided that taking pictures of cute pets was more my thing.

Some fun facts about me

Are you thinking ‘Yeah, that’s totally me!’?
If that’s the case, I’m without a doubt a great fit for you and who knows, we might just become best friends!

A new puppy has joined the family and you’d love to document the puppy’s evolution.

You would love to capture the bond between you and your beloved pets with stunning portraits.

You have tons of pictures of your dogs on your smartphone, but you would love some high quality professional photos which showcases their true beauty and personality.

You have to resist petting every dog or cat that goes by.

Your pets are like family.

We'd be a pawfect match if...

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Do you love wandering outdoors in different locations with your pup? That’s basically what we do, but we stop here and there to take a few snaps on the way. We’ll find a perfect location together for your pet’s session and create some of the most magical moments.

Let’s hang out outdoors with your four-legged friends while I snap some gorgeous portraits.